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June 21, 2014


The Parkinsons – “Rare Sessions” [ Limited 300 ]

  • A1 Bad Girl
  • A2 Angel In The Dark
  • A3 Pill
  • A4 Primitive
  • A5 Somerstown
  • B1 Bed City
  • B2 Universe
  • B3 Reason To Resist
  • B4 Too Many Shuts Up

The Parkinsons - "Rare Sessions" < before first album > Recorded at BBC – Maida Vale Studios < unreleased live radio studio recordings 2001 > ‘There’s no stopping them apart from a bullet in the head’ This is maximum rock`n`roll . Four portuguese kids know to us the parkinsons moved to london and – with a diet of grime,dirt and feedback – live to fuck shit up, and leave a good looking mess” “...The band quickly becasme Camden Stars, with their chaotic live shows inevitably attarcting the attention of drooling A&R men” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Isto é a máxima do rock 'n ' roll. 4 miudos portugueses, conhecidos como os The Parkinsons, mudaram-se para Londres e, numa dieta de sujidade, distorcao e feedback, vivem para partir tudo e deixar tudo em confusao..." "… a banda tornou-se rapidamente na banda estrela de Camden, com os seus concertos caoticos, inevitavelmente atraindo a atenção dos olheiros da industria discográfica. Victor Torpedo - Guitar Afonso Pinto - Vocals Pedro Chau - Bass Chris Low - Drum Record > BBC Maida Vale Studios [ 2001 ]

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