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September 13, 2012


The Parkinsons – Back To Life “Limited” Vinyl [ Garagem ]

  • 1. Too Late
  • 2. In the Wee Hours
  • 3. Back to Life
  • 4. So Lonely
  • 5. Nothing to Complain
  • 6. Little Toys
  • 7. City
  • 8. Girl From Another World
  • 9. Good Reality
  • 10. New Big Thing

They are The Parkinsons and they are here to shoot you up with the passion that has been missing from your life for so long and inject the current music scene with a long overdue kick up its saggy arse. credits released 13 September 2012 Afonso Pinto (vocals) Victor Torpedo (guitar) Pedro Chau (bass) Carlos Mendes (drums)

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