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September 12, 2015


The Dirty Coal Train – Same Old / Lo​-​Fi Shit

  • 1 - Dirt Road
  • 2 - 4 Psalms
  • 3 - You´re Gonna Miss Me
  • 4 - My Brother, The Man
  • 5 - Shadows of No One
  • 1 - Violet Black
  • 2 - Vampire Stomp
  • 3 - Let´s Dance
  • 4 - Not Funny
  • 5 - Zinn Neutral
  • 6 - Chain Gang Lucy

This new release of The Dirty Coltrane compiles unreleased songs with the participation of Old Rod, Marie and Lena as well as some of the duos older songs. Musically it goes from wild rock free forms like "let's dance" and "Shadows of no one" to the raw garage punk power of tracks like "Dirt Road" and "Vampire Stomp". The release also compiles two hi energy covers of 13th floor elevators and We the people. A good mix of the lo-fi recordings the band portrayed on 2nd LP "Dirty Shake" and a studio approach (on Side A), don't miss out on this essential garage punk, weird rock&roll compilation from portuguese luminaires of the genre.

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